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~H I T A I 🌺 A Hibiscus Mai Tai~

H I T A I 🌺 A Hibiscus Mai Tai

•Utah Distillery 36 Local Brigham Silver + Spiced Rum •

• CBD Hemp Oil •

• Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao •

• Big Allet Orgeat •

• Hibiscus •

•Ginger •

•Rhubarb •

•Honey Simple •

• Lime •

• Local Easy Bee Farm Mint •

• Tillen Farms Cherry•

Special nod to Max from @yummytownfoodtruck for teaching us the ways of a true Mai Tai!

#AudienceEngagement #Blog #d36 #senseisaidso #utahsmallbatch #801customs #supportlocal

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